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Our customer, who works in the bakery industry producing biscuits for on-sale through the retail sector, required a robust system to accommodate their heavy-duty packaging needs.

Secondary Packaging, Bakery

The solution.

On consultation, the Sewtec design team quickly understood the throughput demand faced by the customer and proposed an automated bespoke packing system consisting of a 2-axis robot and custom vacuum gripper, to manage high volumes of product with speed and efficiency, with tool-free machine adjustment included.

In operation, a separate machine feeds case types into the system for erection.  Using Rockwell controls and vacuum grippers, the Sewtec 2-axis robot loads each layer of products into the pre-built cases before each one is moved to a separate Sewtec-delivered closing system and shut securely.

Sewtec has since provided multiple systems to the customer alongside ten years of trouble-free service.

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