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Tertiary (transit) packaging

The third stage of the packaging process is referred to as 'Transit' packaging and sees secondary-packed items placed into larger containers (typically cardboard cartons) and loaded onto pallets for transportation.

Collate & buffer.

Sewtec systems are designed to collate and buffer all manner of pre-packed goods, with custom case erectors producing a variety of packaging mediums to suit all types of products.

With rapid reconfiguration capabilities, our flexible system solutions manage multiple packaging types simply; and without the need for tools. The Sewtec Delta Robot works at any speed, with any production application; or, we can implement a system using another third-party heavy duty multi-axis pick and place robot.

Custom closing systems will tuck, fold, glue or tape-shut any packaging medium, regardless of style, before a final quality control check occurs using vision systems. We provide a range of palletising systems to complete the transit packaging solution.

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