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Bespoke solutions

Our core business is the design, development, manufacture and support for bespoke automation solutions.

35 years of excellence.

Since 1983, Sewtec has produced over 6,000 systems for numerous applications, with more than 85% of these systems acquired by export customers.

Creating a bespoke solution is massively different to overseeing the delivery of a machine purchased from a catalogue.  Many different skills are necessary for seeing this done successfully, across multiple remits – such as sales, engineering and project management – and it’s these capabilities and experience which define Sewtec’s excellence in the market.

Your own engineer.

Upon initial engagement, each customer is assigned a Sewtec Applications Engineer to define and refine the system requirements based on function and performance, before creating the User Requirements Specification (URS) and modelling the solution outline in 3D CAD.

The technical solution is then built into a detailed project plan and together, these items form the core of a costed proposal.  It is vital this level of analysis, design, and planning is performed up-front to help minimise the risk of unacceptable project slips or inability to meet the machine capability requirements.

Prototype development activity.

For projects with particularly challenging requirements, Sewtec will initially conduct in prototype development activity – a proof of concept – before a full-scale build, to demonstrate the system capability.

Once the project is underway, our progress is monitored closely through regular reviews which include any achievement to the technical requirements and adherence to the agreed schedule.

Operator training.

Operator training is an essential aspect of any project and is delivered to our customer during the system handover session.  Technical manuals – in multiple languages, where necessary – provide a valuable source of on-going reference throughout the system’s lifetime.

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