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Built onExpertise.

From research and development through to support and after care, our expert team are on hand to ensure your project is delivered on budget and on time.

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We are specialists in bespoke automation for a wide range of applications.

From pharmaceutical to food and drink, Sewtec Automation is built on over 100 years of innovation. We’re proud of our heritage but also embrace the future and the possibilities that new technologies bring. Every job that Sewtec undertake is co-ordinated by a dedicated project manager who works closely with each customer to ensure an on time delivery and installation within production constraints.

Automation systems Built around your operation.

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke solutions

Our core business is the design, development, manufacture and support for bespoke automation solutions.

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Primary Packaging

Primary packaging

The first step in the packing process, where naked products become enclosed within a wrapper or tray packaging.

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Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging

Enclosing primary-packed items into a secondary container, such as a cardboard carton or a plastic bag, to make the product retail-ready.

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Tertiary Packaging

Tertiary (transit) packaging

Placing secondary-packed items into larger containers and loading on to pallets for transportation.

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Sewtec has a range of robotic solutions to offer, all with maximum flexibility and reconfigurability to suit their purpose.

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Assembly Platforms

Assembly Platforms

Building assembly machines to suit any factory space, handle any cycle time and meet any mass production requirements.

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Test & Inspection

Product test & inspection

Quality and safety solutions to test of every product, including electrical, weight and dimensional checks, and load testing.

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Product Handling

Product handling

A range of modular and belt conveyors - AC motor-driven or Servo motor-driven - to ensure a product's smooth transition from one piece of machinery to another.

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Cutting Technology

Cutting technology

Sewtec employs a number of cutting technologies to ensure products are cut precisely and in a clean manner.

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Track & Trace

Track and trace/Serialisation

Systems which apply coding to products during production, bringing efficiency to track and trace and serialisation.

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Discover how we assembled a product at a rate of 300 parts per minute, with a minimum footprint.

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Built around you.

Our process combines impeccable standards and cutting edge technology.

Built on a rich heritage.

Our business can be traced back to 1897. See how far we've come.

Built with pride.

We're dedicated to delivering superior quality in all that we do.

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